Spread the gospel and live faithfully.

Our purpose is to provide a spiritual home for students while they are in college. As a ministry of the Church of Christ, we strive to help students grow closer together by digging into God’s word and equipping the students to leave our ministry to make disciples throughout the world.


Serve the Oxford/Lafayette community.

We offer many service opportunities to help spread the love of God in our community and the world. The students in our ministry go into the schools of Lafayette Elementary and CB Webb to tutor and be a positive example for the kids. We participate service projects around the community and work with the university during the Big Event to help make the Oxford-University-Lafayette Community a better place to live. We also provide the opportunity to travel into a foreign country to provide help for those in need.


Have fun and build lasting friendships.

Intramurals provide a time for students to connect with each other while playing their favorite sports. We have both co-rec and all men teams participating in a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, and softball. Whether you were an aspiring D1 athlete or just a casual fan, we would love you to play with us!

Ole Miss

Be lights for all to see.

As a ministry, we aim to be readily available to any student at Ole Miss in need of prayers, friends, or study of God’s word. With our building right across the street from Rebel Drive, we are easily accessible to students to walk or drive from anywhere in Oxford. We participate in campus traditions like tailgating, and our ministry is full of people such as our campus minister, elders, and interns who are more than willing to meet with you at any time of the day.