Rebels for Christ Campus Ministry
JOB DESCRIPTION – Campus Ministry Apprenticeship

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Ben Brinkerhoff ( We will stop accepting applications March 1st, 2020.


General Role:


The RFC Campus Ministry Apprentice is a part-time (20 – 30 hours), salaried position that’s goal is to fulfill the mission of the Rebels for Christ Campus Ministry by incarnational (direct one-to-one) student contact as they traffic in the microcosm of competing stories that is a state-college campus. They will serve under the leadership of the elders of the Oxford Church of Christ and be supervised directly by the RFC Campus Minsters – Ben and Marybeth Brinkerhoff.


The vision of the RFC-CM Apprenticeship is two-fold: 1) to multiply the RFC’s reach and impact on the Ole Miss and Northwest Community College campuses, and 2) to provide the opportunity and mentoring to persons who have identified themselves as having desire to learn how to practice and lead campus ministry on a state-school campus.


Position Requirements:

  • Baptized Believer with strong spiritual gifts of outreach, teaching, student mentoring, and leadership as well as the drive to participate in the work that God is already doing in the world.

  • Completed undergraduate degree, and presumably pursuing a master’s degree in any field (but preferably a degree that is geared towards ministry)

  • Has a desire to gain experience and practice in Campus Ministry.

  • Willing to work alongside the RFC Campus Ministry Team and Oxford Church of Christ to reach the

    University of Mississippi campus.

    Moral and Spiritual Expectations:

    Wholeness (a self-aware integrity of the heart, mind, and body) is central to the success of our campus ministry apprentice as a spiritual leader. This is the commitment our whole staff has to sign each year.

  • I will seek God’s kingdom in hopes that He will frame, fill, and define all that I do (from work, school,

    leisure, and everything in between).

  • I will seek God on His own terms rather than trying to mold him into an image I desire.

  • I will seek God’s agenda for my life and this ministry rather than assigning his name to mine.

  • I will seek to trust and rest in God’s provision rather than buying into our world’s culture of busyness.

  • I will seek to learn from, grow in, and partner with the Oxford Church of Christ as I serve the campus

    ministry supported by their eldership.

  • I will seek to value life in every possible way, especially by caring for and cultivating the spiritual life

    of the RFC and University of Mississippi campus.

  • I will seek to be faithful in all of my relationships, not objectifying any image bearer of God for any


  • I will seek to honor the financial gifts of others who have provided the funding for my position through

    time-management, ministry decisions, and job performance.

  • I will seek to speak truth in love in all relationships – pursuing healthy conflict that leads to growth for

    our community rather than gossiping.

  • I will seek to be content in all circumstances rather than allowing comparison to be the thief of my

    and my community’s (the RFC’s) joy.


Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following...

  • DISCIPLING: Invite University of Mississippi college students into their own personal spiritual transformation in Christ both formally (in discipleship groups) and informally (in their everyday lives and interactions).

  • TEACHING: The apprentice will hone their teaching skills by coordinating and teaching the Sunday Morning College Class under the supervision and guidance of the Campus Minister.

  • EVENT PLANING AND FACILITATING: Aid rest of RFC staff with planning and facilitating (& attending) events that form students communally and spiritually.

  • EVANGELIZING: Create and cultivate opportunities to engage in deep and spiritual conversations with students on campus outside of the RFC (will take creativity).

  • COMMUNITY FORMATION: Cultivate a sense of community and comradery amongst RFC students that is inviting and intriguing to the rest of campus.

  • NEW STUDENT CONNECTIONS: Help Campus Ministers and RFC Staff make connections with incoming freshmen at orientation, lead Freshmen Connect Groups, and cultivate welcoming environment for new students

    Further Personal & Ministerial Formation:

    Each semester the apprentice will take a look at a different book that helps frame how we think about ministry with the Campus Minister.

  • Who? Ministry in the Image of God

  • What? Kingdom Come

  • When? New Creation

  • Where? God Dwells Among Us

  • Why? Why You're Here

  • How? Building a Discipling Culture


  • For Further Information:

    Salary, fundraising, lodging, and timeframe will be discussed in the application process. If you have any questions, please email, call, or text Ben Brinkerhoff (, 334-559-0644).