Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Connect is our weekly bible study. We meet at the Rebels for Christ Christian Student Center every Wednesday night at 7 for a time of worship and hearing a message from our campus minister or special guest. Our goal with connect is not only to get deeper into God’s Word but provide you a time to engage in fellowship with one another.

Community Groups

Community groups are a part of our ministry that encourages people to get to know each other on a more personal level where you can gather for a meal and engage in God’s Word together. These groups will meet once a week and you can pick any group that fits best with your schedule.

Once a week; Times TBD


Every other Sunday at 7:00 PM

Twice a month we will take time out of our busy schedules and meet on sunday nights to reflect on the weeks that have passed and the weeks to come. We will meet at the student center for a time to sing, learn, and pray together. We will meet on the Sundays that we do not meet for FaceTime.

OCOC & Facetime

The Oxford Church of Christ sponsors our ministry and aims to provide a home for the students while they are here. There are many ways to get involved with the members of this congregation, one of those is FaceTime. FaceTime happens twice a month on the Sundays we do not meet for Realign, and it gives students an opportunity to meet other Christians who are older than them and can mentor them while they are in college.

Every Sunday at 9:00 AM



 As a ministry of the Church of Christ, our beliefs are rooted in the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. We believe that Jesus came to Earth as God’s Son and died on the Cross in order to forgive us of our sins. We want to provide a place for people to come in and feel the love that Jesus spread while he was here on Earth.

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